About Us


Hope Montessori School is based upon the philosophy and teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician, anthropologist and three time Noble Prize Candidate. Upon graduation from the University of Rome in 1896, until her death in 1952, Dr. Montessori devoted her life to the observation and education of children. She developed materials and an educational method that encourages independance, self-knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning.

From birth to about age seven, your child effortlessly absorbs his environment through sensorial exploration and manipulation. The hand, in fact feeds the mind. The impressions formed at this time will have a lasting effect upon the child’s attitude towards learning and life itself. Dr. Montessori realized that it is necessary during this period for the child to find in his environment the tools to satisfy and stimulate his natural intellectual development to its fullest potential.

The child is free to move around the classroom at will and to interact with other children. The child is free to choose any activities whose purpose he/she understands or to ask for a presentation. Self-respect and respect for others are very important and, therefore, children are not free to disturb other children or to abuse the equipment in the classroom.

At Hope Montessori, our fundamental philosophy is to create a respectful, positive and stimulating environment where children can come and choose the activities that will enhance their growth and development.